minis for sale

Hello! There is now a new blog page here called MINIS, showcasing the prints I have for sale. The page is in the navigation bar (below the name & image banner).  Check it out!

close-up of "payara"


contrast art show 5 pics

Here are some of the photos from the Contrast Art Show that took place a week ago at 320 Studios in Manhattan. I sold prints from my set-up as well as from the auction. Thank you and congrats to the new owners. For the first time there was a fashion show presented by Geary Marcello who will be showing his Foxxy Face Clubwear at Mercedes-Benz Fashion week in NYC this upcoming September.

I presented my newest painting "the republic". It is oil, colored pencils, graphite, and acrylic on wood, measuring 31in x 41in. To the left of the painting I had my prints for sale.

my set-up

me and my painting

new "mini" (print) owner

good ol' time!


huge inspiration

Often I get asked about my inspirations, about what inspires to me to make the paintings that I do. There is never just one element that make me tick creatively, but I have to say that water is a big one.
Here are some photos of me surfing in New York. Although I am not yet the poster child for Roxy, I love this sport as it is one of the more difficult ones and the most rewarding.

I went out two times that beautiful day, in the morning and then a little later in the afternoon after my chickpea salad breakfast and some sunbathing. The first time I was on my board (6'10", pictured above) and the second time a fellow ocean lover let me borrow their longboard (8', pictured in the "action" pics).

Then in the evening I did some Power Vinyassa yoga. I call that a fulfilling day!

Photo courtesy: Bob Arkow


contrast art show 5

John Stavros presents a Jack Applegate Production:


August 18 & 19, 2011 |  5pm - 1am (both days)

320 Studios
320 West 37 Street (14th floor)
New York,  NY 10018

"320 Studios is proud to welcome the next installation of The Contrast Art Show. An art exhibition which puts together a variation of artists, artistic movement groups, and several upcoming galleries; in a frivolous attempt to show the rising styles and trends of art in New York City. A multifaceted show of beauty, performance and the creative spirit will split the night once again, in the form of 20 of New York’s top underground artists coming together all under one roof; Alongside an aerialist performance by Catherine Herrmann, a study in ambidexterity by Roman Zelgatas and a Sneak Preview of the FoXXy Face Clubwear Fashion Show. "

I will be exhibiting my newest painting "the republic" as well as some prints for sale. 


the republic!

It is done! Well, almost. Please excuse the really crappy photo quality (the painting looks a lot better in person with richer colors). I just have to put in some tiny details, such as nail color, etc. Then I can varnish it, which will bring out all the colors that have dried matte. Lastly I will have to scan it, although I am seriously dreading this as the painting is 31in x 41in and the scanner bed is 8.5in x 11in. Wish me patience!

fish taco!

i tried turquoise as a nail color, but it didn't work...

the valley quail and an aircraft carrier

poppy flower


ghost dreaming - opening photos

The Ghost Dreaming in NYC art show came and went, and here are the photos of the night. Al Benkin did an awesome job curating the show, there was great art, good company and who can say no to a Guinness?

zofia, gosia, al, mike, artur

dan krupin & zofia bogusz 

mike, myself & mike's art

F.Y.I... I have a selection of my minis (prints) hanging at the Gowanus Print Lab, a full facility silkscreening studio in Brooklyn. Check it out: (in the boss's office)


ghost dreaming

GHOST DREAMING  IN NYC                      { group art exhibit } presented by the Antagonist Art Movement

August 4, 2011 // 9pm - 12:30am

122 Ave A                 (at 7th street)
New York, NY 10009

"Things old, history, dream states, death and transcendence are a few concepts that levitated up through the phantom cracks."

Exhibiting Artists:
Chelsea Greene Lewyta * Daniel Krupin * Em Gluckman * Mike Wolf * Mel Elberg * Carly Tryens * Ricardo Diaz * Gabby Hollender * Shannon Daugherty * Zofia Bogusz * Al Benkin

I am also in the Mark Ryden design competition for Laminate Magazine, to vote for me, click on the link below:

Thank you!


sweet like sugar

Here is a little preview of an impromptu painting I just finished. You will soon know what it was done for..

it looks like the bunny is at it again, what is he drinking now?

Oh and this is the biggest rainbow I have ever seen, a double one actually. Awesome!

and this is the ominous cloud before it :