rabbit stew - paint phase 2

I finished the drawing phase of "rabbit stew" and started painting it. The first thing to get "oiled" was the water, and so far I did two layers of it. I think it's up to a point where I am content with it, I will see whether it needs more work once I paint the rabbits. Check it out!

This is the painting in its most recent stage. The water here got a second layer of oil paint, where I added more light colors and yellows and enhanced some of the highlights.

2nd glaze of water

Below is the first painted layer of water. I took this photo under studio lighting as supposed to the natural light in the photo above.

1st layer of water

Here is a water close-up:

I am really enjoying her face, and therefore keep taking pics of it. The woman received soft oil glazes as well, which helped bring out her skin tones, and added richness to the colored pencils.

On another note, I have a bunch of art shows coming up during October and November, I think five... so stay tuned! The first exhibition I will be participating in is the Digable Arts Festival. It's a two day event in Hoboken, NJ on Oct. 15 & 16. I did last year, and it was pretty awesome, so I am excited for this year's. For the first time I will have mini prints of "the republic", and perhaps "mango and piña". I might also showcase the finished original "rabbit stew"! :) 

quiksilver pro ny 2011

This year the world of professional surfing came to NY and to everyone's surprise the Atlantic delivered some serious swell. The event was so much fun, and I got one my mini fishboards "barrels of pickle soup" signed by the winner Owen Wright and 10x world champ Kelly Slater.

c'est moi

me again

my mini "barrels of pickle soup"

signed by Kelly Slater

signed by Owen Wright


rabbit stew

I started working on a new painting called "rabbit stew". It measures 32in x 32in. I initially wanted to crank out some smaller pieces, but this perfectly square piece of wood was begging me to draw and paint something on it. So here you go, these are the beginnings of what's cooking! (no rabbits will be harmed, I promise).

I have a few paintings lined up. I can't wait to finish this piece in order to get to the next one! This is good, as productivity keeps a nice flow going. So in the next couple of weeks you can expect to see in my artwork some bunnies, potatoes, lollipops, ladies, and perhaps a few other things. :)


2nd place winner!

I won 2nd place in the Jarritos Flavor City Art Contest!

My painting “mango and piña” will be featured in the VIP event, promoted on the Jarritos website, and I get a 6 month (180 bottles) supply of Jarritos.

The winning art piece along with selected submitted piece will be exhibited at various Art Walks in the Jarritos selected cities.

The showcase and announcement of the Jarritos 2011 Flavor City Art Contest winners took place Friday, September 2nd in Venice Beach, CA @ 1212 Abbott Kinney Blvd.

I can't wait for my 180 Jarritos to arrive!  I will be getting a (natural) sugar high like the bunny in the painting...



I did a painting for the Jarritos Flavor City design contest. Jarritos is a Mexican soda brand, with delicious flavors. I had so much fun working on this piece, except the only problem with painting Jarritos is that you get really thirsty.... 
Here is my submission with detail views and pics of the progress. Enjoy!

"mango and piña" 
oil and pencils on wood
16in x 20in

detail 1
detail 2- chug it!!

The contest guidelines stated that you needed to include the Jarritos logo as well as at least one of their bottles. I chose to paint the flavors 'pineapple' and 'mango' because not only are they yummy, but also because I love working with yellow and orange. 

Here are some of the progress shots:

(I think I have a left over Al Pastor taco in the fridge... I am off to investigate)