pinks, blacks, & whites

Some paintings in progress that I am working on for my show "Color, Form" in December with Erik Jones, and Rodrigo Valles at Sacred Gallery. Working on various size pieces, and new animals. :)

"the saint" prints!

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color, form

I will be in an exciting show this December with Erik Jones, and Rodrigo Valles at Sacred Gallery in NYC. Fresh postcards!

black on black

For some reason, Blogger is distorting the colors of the pics I post, over saturating them in particular, and it's not making me happy....

So for better image accuracy :) ....

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drink up

detail from "the saints" painting


I started this painting a while back, and then left it, without finishing (which never ever happens).
So I recently worked on it some more, and I am happy with the result.

oil on wood
21.5in x 48in (55cm x 122cm)

the bank robber

Finished and scanned!

"the bank robber"
oil on wood
32in x 48in (81cm x 122cm)



A concept for my next painting as well as the beginning of that painting :)

This is the first time I have used this lilac color in a painting. I am happy with the various pinks and blues I used in it. I also think this is the most "fully & naturally rendered" piece of folded cloth I ever painted, which was my goal in this particular piece (usually I love stylized lines and fades). I find that the trick to achieving a natural look is not to "overblend" the intricacies of the folds. 



Not sure what to call this one yet, maybe "march of the elephants"?
48in x 48in (122cm x 122cm)
oil on wood

I have to varnish it, and scan it and update it to my site.