barrels of pickle soup

oil & graphite on wood. 11in x 34in
Initially this piece was supposed to be more grey than green, but since it worked I left it alone.
Pickle soup is an actual soup in Poland. You make it like any other soup, but the main ingredient and taste is shredded pickles! It's delicious, its a bit tart, a bit creamy, and a bit green.


the ambassador: sandstorm stydy

oil & graphite on wood. 15in diameter
I did this piece for a silent auction gala hosted by the organization Jazz for Peace. The event will take place on Sunday, March 22 at the New York Historical Society. It will include dinner and drinks, the auction, the press and a concert!


no title yet

The drawing part is done! I need to mention though that the photo is taken at angle, therefore the actual shape of the wood is a bit distorted, as well as the composition. I will keep a lot of this undertone color in the final version, so glazing is crucial.


new fish

New piece, new fish. I'm excited about this one so far. The colors that I have used make the wood appear old and greenish. Since my last painting was very vibrant in color, I went for a subdued look in this one (at least at this point in progress).


epico, peaches

oil & graphite on wood. 10in x 36in
This piece is about frustration with the encompassing, dry, concrete environment. An environment that forces what seems to be an epic trek to reach liquid solitude.
An obstacle is just that, so get mad and motivated!