epico, peaches. this could be the title.
This is a yellowtail snapper. yummy.
The drawing part is done, now I'm off to paint it!


fishy fishy

work in progress, first steps.
I decided to do a fish board series inspired by the piece [ waiting at red tide ].
The first fish started out as a salmon colored drawing on grey wood, and this one is a reverse of that.


ambassador of desert warfare

oil & graphite on wood. 26in x 26in
The difference between the final drawing and the final painting is like night and day.My tool of choice is pencil. When I add oil paint it's to intensify the image, as color can create a whole new atmosphere, (the color vibrancy of oils being superior to other mediums). The combination of the two makes for a juicy translucency. Initially I was not going to use as much paint as I did, but in order to create a certain look it became necessary.
It has been said that the jackalope will only breed during electrical storms, which explains its rarity. They are dangerous when approached.