i'm back

I've realized I have not been posting on my blog since the beginning of the new year. oops...
Sorry about that.

Here are some updates!
I had some work at a group show at DAX Gallery in southern California. I will have a little 6x6 piece at Phonebooth Gallery in April. And I am also working with Gauntlet Gallery for a 4 person show in May in San Francisco. Super exciting!!!

I went through massive spring cleaning in January. It felt good to throw stuff out. Especially since my studio is in my apartment. I really want to make paintings on a more massive scale, and for that I needed more studio space. Eventually I will completely obliterate my living room (the shared space with my art studio) and make the whole thing a working environment. I am apologizing in advance to my future guests for the lack of comfortable lounging furniture. :)

These are the places where I also share my work, where you can follow my progress.  Instagram being my favorite.

Here is what I have been up to visually.