DAF 2011

Here are some pic from this year's Digable Arts Festival, that took place at the Monroe Center of the Arts in Hoboken, NJ. I had a good time and met some insightful artists.

My set-up. I was in a room with a fashion installation brought in by Uta Brauser. The dress to the right is sewn from latex gloves.

table with "minis" (prints)

turquoise pants!



republic minis & digable

I have minis of "the republic"! They are decoupage prints on wood, handmade and hangable. I will have them available for sale at the Digable Arts Festival this weekend in Hoboken, NJ. It's a 2-day fest of music and art, go to the Digable site: for directions and detailed info of the event. I participated last year and had an awesome time.

Check out "the republic" prints!

Here is the address of the event site and dates:

Saturday October 15th & Sunday October 16th
12pm - 7pm both days

Monroe Center for the Arts
720 Monroe Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

The event will take up the entire 3rd floor of the Center! Below is a floor map, I will be set up in the "Window Room" marked with the red 'X'. When you get off the elevator, turn right and walk through to the end and I'll see you there!


in the studio

I have been on a continuous painting streak, which feels great! Below are some shots of the studio.
I had an art opening (visual arts, music, poetry, theatre) at the Manhattan Theatre Source this past Thursday, and have 4 more art events coming up each week starting with the Digable Arts Festival October 15-16. For a full list of the upcoming events go to this EXHIBITION LIST in the "about" menu on my official site. I will be posting up the show info on this blog as well, so stay tuned!

"rabbit stew" (left) and "tea time" (right)

the beginnings of "tea time"

"rabbit stew"


rabbit stew - caramel & mocha

The rabbits are in!
I named them Caramel and Mocha, and I think I was having coffee at the time....

photo from the studio, please excuse the photo quality

bunny eye close-up

nipples, goggles, and some whale tail

Now I have to decide whether to play around with the water some more and if the woman needs a glaze of oil paint. I have also started on a new painting called "tea time"and it's a lot smaller in size, and will also feature a fuzzy critter alongside liquids.