ceres gallery opening

Our Ceres Gallery opening was absolutely amazing! The December group art show in Chelsea, NYC was a great finish to my 2010 exhibition schedule. Here is the flood of photos:

The beautiful space. Photo courtesy of Hans Wolf.

The six artists: Evan Levine, Hans Wolf, Tracy Von Becker, Chelsea Greene Lewyta, Zofia Bogusz, John C. Kuchera

I put in three oil paintings, all done on hand cut wood. The shape of each painting directly relates to its theme. A bicycle sprocket supports "popo", a narrative with two mountain bikes taken on a joy ride. A heraldic shield is the template for "bull", a coat of arms interpretation. A circle encompasses the "ambassador of desert warfare", enhancing the feeling of a radiating hot sun.


guests getting photographed with the work

Zofia Bogusz (me)

My great friends and artists. Photo courtesy of Carl Merkin.

Artist, friend, gallerist, Greek. Photo courtesy of Carl Merkin.

Photo courtesy of Carl Merkin.


As the main exhibiting artists we had the pleasure of inviting the people who inspire us to show a piece of their art in the adjacent gallery room.


Metalescent Labyrinth by Chester Potter, my guest artist.

Close up of the 3ft x 4ft functional maze. I have not yet attempted it, but a few have solved it.

The guest artists were: Kathleen Kuchera, Jamie Martinez, Maksim Noy, Jack Davletshin, Kristin Gambell, Chester Potter, Jonathan Fritz, James R. Stover, Samson Contompasis, Nathan, Greyegg Mckenna, and Al Belkin.

Special thanks to the Ceres Gallery, Stefany Benson, John C. Kuchera, the talented main artists, the guest artists and all of the guests.


chelsea nyc debut

Three realist (and surrealist) women. Three expressionist men. I am incredibly excited to announce a group art show at the Ceres Gallery in Chelsea, NYC. I along with five unique artists are debuting "The New American Art Show: the best new contemporary art of our time." This is a big deal.
Back in June 2010 we participated in "The New American Art Show" at Jadite Galleries, in nyc. This was a preview to our upcoming Chelsea event, organized by John C. Kuchera the director of American Art Gallery.

This painting is one of the three I am putting in the show.
"Sunlit memories create a reality, adorning it with courage and curiosity."
- Zofia Bogusz
"popo" oil and graphite on wood. 36in x 36in

Below are the other artists in the show. The images posted are just a peephole glimpse into their work. Check out their websites to view more.

Tracy Von Becker

"I live to make everything I touch and everyone I encounter, feel the
passion and sensuality that burns so brightly in my soul."
- Tracy Von Becker

Chelsea Greene Lewyta
"While our bodies have emerged from the forest, our souls remain tangled in flora, battling the beasts we created"
- Chelsea Greene Lewyta

Hans Wolf
"Hans Wolf art is a Post Neo-Expressionist celebration and requiem mass for emotions, life, love, and the pursuit to be human. "
- Hans Wolf

John C. Kuchera
"John C. Kuchera is the creator of  The Art Disciple Series and The
Village People Series, Oil Paintings done by a new generation of
contemporary Artist."

Evan Levine