art basel miami: multiversal 2011

I'm so excited!! 
I will be exhibiting at this year's Multiversal: Art Basel Miami! (December 1st-4th)

It's going to be an amazing show featuring the art of established and emerging artists.

For the first time I will be showing my new painting "tea time" (below)

For info about the show, check out these sites:
A Girls Best Friend
Multiversal on Facebook

spirituality: icons & concepts

My good friend organized a group art exhibit called "Spirituality: Icons & Concepts", it is on view right now at the:

Jackson Hall Gallery of MCCNY
446 W 36th Street
New York, NY 10018

I have my "Our Lady of low tide" painting in it.

oil and graphite on wood, 11in x 34in




I love people's interpretations of my work. When I create, I have my own vision and meaning behind each piece, but it's always great to hear what others get from it. Feel free to add your own on my Facebook wall! :)

Here are some of the interpretations of "rabbit stew".

"Strength: if bunnies can swim in water and potatoes can float in the air... I, woman... can get through anything." 

"The Star: The 17th Tarot Card representing a person that likes to nurture the lowly and rain on the negligent who reject the needy."

"Cute things on Earth. Potatoes kind of add the electricity to the piece."

"All fertility. Potato fallopian tubes. Water and rabbits, both symbols of fertility."

"She's is very cool, but barely keeping her head above water."

"Rain brings beautiful things."

"Lust. All things are fluid in life."

"Fallopian dive dreamer."

"Acid trip with breast implants."  
"She is tripping on x and playing with herself. (hollywood tans = global warming)"

"I have never been known for my interpretations of art, but when I see "Rabbit Stew", I see a woman who has her whole life ahead of her with no hinderances. I see dreams with no limitations and the beauty that comes with it. Its amazing."

"When I look at this piece, I think of "Not Ready to Be Prey". The woman and rabbits (which are both hunted by men) are alive and empowered...the rabbits aren't just sitting cooking, they are swimming, and the woman isn't going to drown, she's got her goggles and a self-assured look. They might be caught in the stew but they're not giving in. The potatoes too...they're raw, not ready to be eaten. Looks like the challenge isn't over for the hunter."

Thank you all for sharing your views with me. I look forward to more. :)



I was part of "Conception", a group art show at Brick in the heart of Tribeca, NYC on October 26. The show consisted of 21 visual artists, 3 live bands and a fashion on this truly unique underground venue.
The reception was filled with great art, music, people and of course cocktails.
Here are some of the photos, enjoy!

all the artists

artist - Colleen Blackard with "uncle William" series

artist - Jamie Martinez with "triangulism"

good times!

band -  The Hampton Brothers

artist - me

my painting "rabbit stew" with interpretive notes
The notes on top of my painting were people's own interpretations of the painting, which I will write out in the next post!