contrast art show

Thursday, January 27th 5pm-1am
Friday, January 28th 5pm-1am

320 Studios
320W 37th St, 14th floor
New York, NY, 10018

"The second installation of the Contrast Art Show; an art exhibition which puts together a variation of artists, artistic movement groups, and several upcoming galleries in an attempt to show the rising trend of art in New York City. The participants include members of groups such as: the Pudding Factory Art Collective, The New York Art Page, The Art Society for the Advancement of the Spine, the Marketplace Gallery, SUDIN magazine and The American Art Gallery; all together coming in at upwards of 20 artists.

Helping to oversee the exhibition will be John Stavros the Owner of PMP Studios at his new event space 320 Studios, an old friend of Andy Warhol’s and the first art director/promoter of studio 54. On his part Mr. Stavros will exhibit more original work from Antonio Lopez. Additionally, The Contrast Art Show will present a live body painting performance, as well as a show in “painting as a study of ambidexterity” presented by Richmond transplant, Roman Zelgatas, adding to the kick off for the show."

what's this? - a little peep of a detail


goddess of water

This is the work in progress for my newest coat of arms piece. I am part of a group project called The Transplanted Project, which is a visual celebration of the West Indies culture here in New York City. There are a various visual artists involved in this project, each creating work based on a theme with a West Indian twist. My particular tale is of Mami Wata, the African water goddess, and she will be incorporated into the Trinidad and Tobago coat of arms. The project blog has regular updates of the contributors' art in progress. Very cool.

the sun rays are coming in through the window

and the project supply list:
graphite = essential
oil paint box

raw wood: grain detail
p.s. organization of supplies is everything! Painting is messy enough in itself.


all mixed up

"all mixed up"
oil, graphite and acrylic on wood. 11in x 22in.
This is the newest piece in my "mannequin" series. She's just too cool for school with all her mix tapes from the 1900's. It was quite the invention when the car stereo would automatically play the B-side by playing the tape backwards.

and here's a detail:


old school

A sneak peak to my next 'mannequin' in progress, which I have a feeling will be my favorite one so far.

i love acid yellow.

ooh, dramatic studio time. i hate that easel, its uncooperative.


out to sea?

Welcome 2011!
This piece is done! It went through various color transformations through its colored pencils and oil paint life, diverting from the initially anticipated color scheme. The experimenting was completely worth it, as it added new hues and tone variations to my existing color palette. I am very satisfied with the final result.
"Lyonnaise" oil and pencils on wood. 16in x 31in

This one was inspired by my friend's coat of arms granted to his family in Lyon, France in 1556.
The heraldic seahorse symbolizes the power of water, and is an emblem of safe travel, particularly by sea. The lion traditionally symbolizes bravery, valor, strength and royalty.