art show pics

I participated in yet another installation of the "Contrast" art show. Below are some pics.

I took this photo after setting up. The sun was coming in through the window creating a these cool rainbow glares.

me with "sea salt"


another sun glare pic


painting and park

I have been working on a new painting, this one a little more subdued in tone. The woman will still have vibrant colors, but the background and its elements are grey and have more of that raw graphite look. 

Here is a close-up:

I made a trip to Socrates Sculpture Park where every few months, there is a rotation of outdoor sculptures. Here is one I find intriguing for all the little, and not so little pieces of ceramics used. (The whole thing is sort of in the shape of a simplified cactus.)

close-up of one of the cute animals


doodles and things

I have a few ideas that I want to put onto canvas ( in my case, wood). Some ideas have been cooking in my mind for a while, and others seem to float up to the surface spontaneously.

I am working in the studio today, taking a break to eat and to blog, and it never fails to amaze me how dirty art can be.

Here are some pics, minus the mess.

secret art supplies inside... (no teeth)

my fishboards


a blonde, a brunette, a redhead


a touch of gold

Here is something new I am working on. I'm using gold paint for the gold necklace. Metallics can be tricky because of the way they reflect light.

I took the pics from different angles (therefore different light casts) and with some help from Instagram. :)

Here you can see the paint is still wet in the face and hair, but the necklace stands out.

I think this is the deepest & purest blue I have used so far in any of my paintings.