spring things

Spring in NYC is actually on time this year! I have started working on a new painting, although I have 5% more work on the previous one... I will blame this procrastination on spring fever.

Anyway, so I was thinking of starting a whole new series, I already have a few painting ideas lined up. The unifying theme will be water.

I went wood shopping (my favorite) and got a new wood panels. I got maple (which I have been using for a while) and I also got some beautiful birch, which has a distinct grain, it's darker and more "moody" than maple. This will definitely have some impact on my new paintings as I like letting the wood grain lend itself into my subject matter. I can't wait to start painting on them!

Here are some recent pics from my life:

working on something new

at the Alex Gross exhibit at the Jonathan Levine Gallery- great show

soaking up some sun

hanging out

On a slightly related side note, I recently competed in my first ever swim meet. It was great, I had an amazing time, and I did pretty good for a rookie. Needless to say, my body needed a few days to recover. 


art nouveau feature

My work was recently featured on an online art & culture mag Art Nouveau. It looks pretty cool. Thanks!

Check it out. To read the feature and see the images enlarged click here.