level 9, further progress...

I'm changing the name to [ ambassador of desert warfare ]
I would say this piece is at a half way point.


level 9, in progress...

The beginning stages of the remake. (photo is not the sharpest)
When dealing with graphite (unlike a full color painting) you can afford to work on one section at a time, such as the head.


level 9

digital print.
This is not a new image, but one that I'm redoing. This was initially a digital compilation of various drawings, but now I am working with graphite, oil, & wood. Perhaps the most similarity it will have to the original is the woman's face. I'd like to use this color scheme, but I'm opting for a golden bronze instead.
A sketchbook is most useful as a collection of ideas, doodles, collages, photos, etc. It is a visual memory of recurring themes.


aqua mannequin

oil & graphite on wood. 12in x 36in
I love working with wood, it's beautiful. Often it needs no decoration, it has a design presence of its own. So in this piece I tried to keep things basic: follow the grain, using graphite and two colors. Somehow I find this piece soothing, and can see it grow into a series in the future.


rob zombie surf rock. pencils on wood. 14in x 24in
There was an article in Guitar World magazine about Rob Zombie and his surf rock label, so that's where the inspiration came for this piece.
I mean look at that, it must be such a raw experience.
[a side note to my fellow beach goers: leave the eye makeup at home]

waiting at red tide

a new piece. oil & graphite on wood.
The hardest part was choosing the right colors for each element, as they all fall in the same analogous spectrum. Waiting and glazing were crucial in the process.
'Red tide' is an interesting water phenomenon, an algal bloom, where in some cases it gives the ocean a red-brown hue, sort of blood like. Seeing waves that color is surreal, and swimming in it is... 'fuzzy'.


this is a test.
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