the more the better

Within my new "sea salt" series I am working on three square panel paintings with a unifying color palette and theme (I guess I can call it a triptych?) I just finished my second piece.

 "off the boat" (left) and "pisces" (right). There will be one more panel in the middle...

close-up of "off the boat"

literally off the boat

little colorful ship flags



First painting of the new series.

oil and graphite on wood
28in x 28in



sea salt series

So I decided that the new paintings will be part of a new series "sea salt". I have 2 pieces finished and have started on my 3rd one. I have gotten a lot faster at painting which is definitely a plus, as there are many ideas I'd like to realize into paintings.

Here is a studio shot:


peachy progress

Here are some earlier progress shots of a new painting "by land and sea". At this point I am almost finished.

the colors here are fairly accurate

a "faded" close-up of the girl's face