contrast art show photos!

So the 3rd installation of the Contrast Art Show over this past weekend was awesome. I think this was the best outcome yet. There were many great guests, artists, and I could go on. The live body painting proved to be extra interesting this time around as well, but in order to keep this blog "safe" I will not post any pics of the daring activities...

There is a plethora of pics from the show, and here are some from my corner.
I put in four original paintings. Two were from the mannequin series, one fishboard from the surf series, and one brand new painting. My set-up also included four prints.

the artwork on the wall
prints + promo materials
me conversing
and all these are the business cards I made for the show: old school in CMYK.


contrast: 3rd installment (i'm in it)

CONTRAST ART SHOW - March 25 & 26 | 5pm-1am

320 Studios
320W 37th St, 14th floor
New York, NY, 10018

"An art exhibition which puts together a variation of artists, artistic movement groups, and several upcoming galleries in order to show the rising styles and trends of art in NewYork City. A multifaceted show of beauty, performance and the creative spirit will split the night once again, in the form of 25 of New York’s top underground artists coming together all under one roof. Along with performances which include: a live body paintings By Ocean Clark, “studies in ambidexterity” by Roman Zelgatas and special appearance by Lady Life and Natasha Komis.

The artists: 
Al Benkin, Chelsea Greene Lewyta, Dumb Won, James Stover, Jonathan Fritz, Mr. Headlee, Kristy Lee, Mary Jean Canziani, Ocean Clark, Rachel Wilkins, River Clark, Roman Zelgatas, Rustam Davleshin, Samson Contompasis; The Market Place Gallery, Scott Ackerman, Tracy Von Becker, Valerie Vanone, Zofia Bogusz, Laura Bochet, Garaldine Visco, Rob Ordonez, Geary Marcello, Erin Dinan


too soon to tell

I've started working on a new painting prior to finishing my last. Starting a brand new (big) project sometimes seems slightly overwhelming at first (before you get into the speedy flow of things), so this time around I just went for it. Time management is a beautiful thing!

So here are the very early stages of what's to come (colored pencil and graphite).

           I like capturing the beginnings of paintings; they're sort of silly.