so far

My ladies in grey! So far these are the bigger black and white pieces I have created. The middle one is on paper, and the other two on wood (the one on right still being a work in progress).

I am really happy with how they are coming out. :)
I just need to scan them in.

in the fields

Here is a close-up of a new drawing I started, I am really enjoying the graphite on white(ish) wood.

with some color



New painting. I had a lot of fun working on this one, it's a little bit more loose. What I enjoy about this chevron pattern (it's quite popular now) is that it reminds me of all the friendship bracelets I used to do as a kid, good memories. Perhaps this could turn into a "patterned series"...


3 paper ships

Here is another small drawing, (graphite and watercolor, 9x12) on watercolor paper. I am considering turning this one into a painting....

"three paper ships"


in the flesh

I have started working on some small graphite drawings. I love the colors and vibrancy of working with oils, but have missed the raw simplicity of pencil. 

The themes in these new pieces will be varied, with limited color. My goal is just to take the bare essential of my artwork. To strip it down to what defines my work, but also have freedom to explore. 

It seems like I will take use of the female nude (partial nude at least). I was never too big on nudity as I think there is something nice about having to use your imagination to get the full picture. At the same time, there is something very simple, raw, beautiful and vulnerable about the bare human body. Coincidentally, I feel like I am at a pivotal point in my life, examining what is most essential to my happiness and success, having to face my own vulnerabilities. 


a little more

Here are some pics of me in the studio working on a drawing.

in greyscale

It's Monday night, and Hurricane Sandy has hit the east coast. I am safe here in NYC, but it's as bad as they predicted...

A while ago I pondered doing some graphite drawings on paper, which is a medium I initially started out with before discovering the beauty of working on wood. So I have started a drawing recently, and I think I might do a small series of these simple drawings. 

Here are some pics of the progress:


"sink with me" photos

Here are the photos from the opening reception of my solo exhibition SINK WITH ME.
Photography by Fransisco Jose Bravo.

The show was a great success. It was packed, it was great. People were chatting, enjoying the art, the sushi, the wine. The two hours went by so fast, I wish I could do it all over again. Thank you to all those that made it possible, and all of you who came out. :)

The show is still up until November 1st.

Chelsea Eye Art Gallery
157 West 19th Street
(between 6 & 7 avenues)

our great bartender

curator Tracy Von Becker on the left

flowers from a friend

i see sailors!

looking at art

organic mints by Radish NYC

promo and print


sushi by our sponsor Bamboo 52

the toast