SOLD dolls and balls

I just recently sold the original oil painting "Dolls and Balls" !! This piece was the last piece painted in my surf series. It is by far one of people's favorites from that collection, so its only natural that she has found herself a new home. I am very happy and excited. A big 'thank you' and 'congratulations' to the painting's new owner (a very cool lady by the way).
It is a humbling experience when someone connects with your personal art on a philosophical, aesthetic, and an emotional level. You get this mutual understanding and contentedness. I like it!
dolls and balls
oil and graphite on wood 10.5in x 36in
I still have the mini fishboards of this piece for sale, so no worries. I will be making more of them, and they will be included in my (very near) future online store.

11.27.2010 feature

Twice this year my work was featured on Coroflot, a great online platform for design portfolios, as well as jobs in the creative field. There are some amazing artists and designs on there!
Back in February 8, 2010 "Our Lady of Low Tide" landed herself a spot in the member gallery under industrial design, and now in November 17 "Bull" received recognition. It feels nice to get some love from fellow creatives. Thank you.
our Lady of low tide
oil and graphite on wood 11in x 34in
oil and pencils on wood 32in x 35in


creature feature opening

The Gowanus "Creature Feature" opening was a success. I sold the mini "Barrels of Pickle Soup". I will have photos from the opening soon.

The Gowanus Print Lab is a fully equipped screen printing workspace. They have silkscreen workshops for all levels and needs.
Check out the space and some of the sick murals.

the lounge:

mural by Cern:

mural by Noah and Cycle:


gowanus creature feature

A group art exhibition which focuses attention on the environmental state of the toxic waterway creeping through the back yard of Brooklyn.
My first original fishboard painting "Waiting at Red Tide" will be on display at this show.

Opening Thursday, November 18, 2010 6-10pm
on view through December 8, 2010

Gowanus Print Lab
54 2nd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

contrast art show

I was part of the Contrast Art Show this past week, where I sold 2 mini fishboards and met some great new people. Thank you and congratulations to the new zofiaart mini fishy owners, and a big thanks to the organizers and participating artists.

A group art show of variant artists exhibited at the 320 Studios
14th floor, 320W 37th st, Manhattan, NY, 10018

The Contrast Art Show is an art exhibition which puts together a
variation of artists, artistic movement groups, and several upcoming
galleries in an attempt to show the rising trend of art in New York
City. The participants include members of groups such as: the Pudding
Factory Art Collective, The New York Art Page, The Art Society for the
Advancement of the Spine, the Marketplace Gallery and The American Art Gallery; all together coming in at upwards of 30 artists.

Helping to oversee the exhibition will be John Stavros the Owner of PMP Studios at his new event space 320 Studios, an old friend of Andy Warhol’s and the first art director/promoter of studio 54. On his part Mr. Stavros will exhibit The Sergeant Pepper Lonely Hearts dolls, the only set of four dolls existing in the United States; as well as never before seen works by Antonio Lopez. Additionally, a live body painting session will be presented by Ocean Clark, adding to the kick off for the show.

Here's a pic of my set up:

veteran's day

Happy belated Veteran's Day to all who served in our great armed forces. THANK YOU.


crest in progress

I got back to this piece and it is going in a new direction, which is a bit more time consuming, but nonetheless exciting. You can compare it to its starting phase in the photo below. It looks quite different, huh?
I don't think magazines will go out of style, there is something about holding and bending the real thing.