anchor & flower

in the final, i ended up making the anchor black

varnishing the painting, so shiny!



This has to be the most beautiful wood I have ever worked on, I just can't get over it!

(and below are the beginnings of the drawing/painting)


school of fish tacos

I just finished a new painting called "school of fish tacos". I have used the fish taco theme in a previous painting "the republic" and wanted to expand on it a little more (as fish tacos are delicious!).

Also, it's my first horizontal painting in a while, I have missed that format, I think I should do more of them as well as go back to custom shaped pieces as well.

oil and pencils on wood, 20in x 32in

a close-up

Below is the beginning of the painting. I actually liked the drawing as it was, with loose pencil strokes, so I kept that feel in the fish with the pencil marks coming through. The paint was just used to add vibrant color. That is my favorite way of working, using a combination of pencil and paint. 

I had a lot of fun working on this piece, I think I want to expand on this theme even more.