tumble rinse repeat

oil & graphite on wood. 10.5in x 34in
This piece can be presented in any direction, with the nose down, up and around. The color inspiration was driftwood. Apparently, according to Norse myth the first two humans were formed out of driftwood.


temporarily untitled

The pencil rendering in this one is rougher than the Madonna, for example. This was the intention, and I want to keep the oil paint to a minimum. We'll see what happens.


reverse something new

I will keep this one in the gray/graphite spectrum.


This is making me hungry..

our Lady of low tide - close up

our Lady of low tide

oil & graphite on wood. 11in x 34in
This is the finished piece. The fish used is mahi-mahi (the dolphin fish).
The title in:
Portuguese- [ nossa Senhora da maré baixa ]
Polish- [ Matka Boska odpływu ]