the transplanted project: myth be told

The Transplanted Project presents: "Myth Be Told", an exploration of Caribbean folklore and mythology. Visual artists explore the rich history of the Caribbean, reinterpreting, re-imagining, and in some cases flipping the myth on its ear.

The "Myth be Told" opening reception was a success! I'd like to congratulate the organizer, participating artists, and guests on a great night.

The show runs through June 6, 2011:
Space on White
81 White Street
New York, NY 10013

Here are some photos of the event.

me with my "mami wata" painting
dan o'brien's triptych

jason ho's piece up close
dan krupin with his painting

food!! the spicy fish balls were the best
kristen terrana next to her painting

silvia faschi with her work
mask by valentina & elias charalambides

mask by valentina & elias charalambides
me again
sam sethi and her work

mu pan painting to the right


there's some serious art stuff going on!
The participating artists are: (click on name to view their work online)

Zofia Bogusz
Silvia Faschi
Mu Pan
Dan Krupin
Dan O'Brien
Kristen Terrana
Valentina & Elias Charalambides
Samantha Sethi
Nick Dyball
Jason Ho

This is my painting of "Mami Wata" the African water goddess. I portrayed her as the face of Trinidad and Tobago, utilizing the country's coat of arms as the backdrop.
oil and graphite on wood, 24.5in x 32in 

Here are the mini prints I made of the painting. They are deocupage prints on wood, 6.5in x 8.25in ($65 each). Signed on the back and ready to hang.


christina ernst - artist spotlight

I'd like to let you all now about a really good art show going on the Lower East Side, NYC of a dear colleague of mine. Christina Ernst is a painter and sculptor, with a BFA from Cooper Union. Her work is an expression of feelings and opinions on the situations in the world today. She portrays the stories of our time through paint, mixing figurative with the abstract. This juxtaposition represents the dichotomy between the inner and outside world. Texture is important to Chris in her paintings, as it gives them a sculptural quality. She creates texture with the use of oil paint, charcoal, and a mix of natural, found materials such as sand, bark, etc. Her colors are subtle earth tones, glazed and layered creating a multi-faceted vibrancy.
The show is up at: Sapphire Lounge, 249 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 11414

"La Pieta Moderna" SOLD

a muse, and the painting
close-up showing the texture

i love this one

To view more of Christina's fine art and resume, please visit